Can I get a Medical Cannabis prescription in the UK?
Yes. Cannabis Based Medical Products (CBMPs) have been legal since the 1st of November 2018.
Who can write a prescription in the UK?
Only Doctors listed on the Specialist register can write a prescription for Medical Cannabis in the UK, which means a Doctor specialises in a specific area of medicine, and therefore usually dealing with patients who have chronic and/or treatment resistant conditions. A GP can refer a patient to an appropriate medical professional on the specialist register.
Where do I get a Medical Cannabis prescription?
Currently Medical Cannabis products are not being covered by the NHS, so your local trust Specialist Doctor will not prescribe these products.
In the UK three (3) licensed products are prescribed in the NHS that contain cannabinoids: Epidiolex a CBD isolate is available for some forms of epilepsy, Sativex a mixture of CBD & THC for multiple sclerosis (MS), and Nabilone for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV).
There are however a number of private clinics across the UK that have specialist physicians and are prescribing CBMPs.
Is Medical Cannabis only available privately?
Currently the only way to access Medical Cannabis prescriptions in the UK is via private medical healthcare. We do not recommend any specific clinics to patients, but a list of known clinics providing services around cannabis based medicines is available at www.jorjafoundation.org.
What type of Medical Cannabis products are available in the UK?
Cannabis based medicines come in various formats to include dried flower (to be vaporised only), oils also known as tinctures (taken under the tongue), transdermal patches and soft gel capsules. CBMPs come in various THC/CBD concentrations. Your Specialist Doctor will discuss the appropriate product for your condition based on their knowledge & experience of your medical and personal condition.
I would like to learn more about Medical Cannabis
Speak with your GP directly or visit our partnered patient charity www.jorjafoundation.org who will be more than happy to provide further information on Medical Cannabis.