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Offering the highest quality Cannabis Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs)

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Endopure Medical Cannabis

Endopure Medical Cannabis

Endopure Medical, working in strategic partnership with Elite Pharmaco, offer the highest quality Cannabis Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) for UK patients.

We are 100% patient focused, ensuring our Medicinal Cannabis products achieve the highest quality & safety standards, and are affordably priced. We provide the most vulnerable of patients with access (via Specialist Doctors) to what in many cases can be potentially life changing medication.

Endopure Medical is perfectly positioned to lead the market in the provision of safe, consistent quality & low-cost cannabis-based medicines under the supervision of a specialist prescribing doctor. We work with leading clinicians and clinics in the UK, as well as both in-house and global experts, with decades of experience in the development, supply and prescribing of CBMPs. Their experience includes regulatory exposure gained within the pharmaceutical industry.

Endopure Medical takes pride in working closely with patient groups and our relationship with the Jorja Foundation ensures we are patient centric. We are very aware of the difficulties patients face in obtaining a prescription securing access to these cannabis-based medicinal products, as well as the associated significant costs, during a time when patients and their families are clearly struggling.

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Working in partnership with Elite Pharmaco

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